Cloudflare tunnel DRaaS host availability question

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We use cloudflare tunnel to serve public websites from various internal servers in our data center (DC). We have a DRaaS vendor that keeps a copy of our infrastructure in their environment (DR). In the case of needing to fail over some but not all of our servers, some of these website hosts would be available in DC only and some would be available in DR only, but there would be no connectivity between DC and DR. We will have connector replicas in both places in this event.

Will the tunnel figure out which services are available in which site and continue functioning normally?

Is it possible for a service that’s running in DC to get assigned to a connector replica running in DR?

Thanks in advance

I found this quote

If that distance calculation is unsuccessful or the connection fails, we will retry others, but there is no guarantee about which connection is chosen.

​​Tunnel Docs

But would love if someone can confirm that this functionality works as I’m hoping, which is that we don’t really even notice that the replica and some services moved to DR.

For anyone else who finds this, it does not really work as I expected. The tunnel continued to randomly send traffic to the replicas, so we got some very odd behavior, sites would randomly load or not load and sometimes partially load. The tunnel never seemed to figure out which hosts were available to which replicas. We decided to just turn down the replica in DR and create a new tunnel in DR for this case and that worked fine.