Cloudflare Tunnel Down for a minute

Our origin server is connected via Cloudflare Tunnel for last couple of months. We haven’t seen any issues until today when a customer reached back to us with following error:

Error Timestamp: 2024-05-01 08:49:09 UTC
Error Type: Cloudflare Tunnel Error
Cloudflare Ray ID: 87ce84404898c3a3
Description: 422 error due to incorrect Cloudflare Tunnel configuration. Cloudflare was unable to resolve the host.

A minute before and a minute after everything was working perfect.

Hi @ufarooqi,

Have you had any issues since? For future reference, please follow this documentation for instructions on how to enable and view logs: Tunnel logs · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

No issue since. I have setup alerts now. I am calling cloudflare tunnel API after every 30 seconds to know the status i.e. if it’s healthy or not. I have been paged couple of times but it’s because Cloudflare API itself times out sometimes.