Cloudflare tunnel - docker - installation problem


Let me add at the outset that I am a beginner. Currently, I use Nginx Proxy Manager to redirect subdomains to the appropriate port ip. I’d like to change that and use the Cloudflare tunnel.

I’d like to run a Cloudflare tunnel on my vps. I chose the installation method via Docker, but for over an hour, the installation has stood still. Does anyone know what could be wrong? There is definitely disk space.

That isn’t the installation, that “connection to x registered” is saying that Cloudflare Tunnel has successfully started and connected back to Cloudflare.

You should now be able to view whatever you proxied using the Tunnel at the Tunnel’s domain.

Thank you very much for your help. They didn’t mention anything about it in the guide, so I didn’t know what to do. Thank you again.

After the weekend I wanted to come back to it and now I have another problem.


The tag isn’t 2022.8.1, you will need to provide -amd64 or -arm64 depending on the architecture you’re running.

weird. this is a command from the Cloudflare panel.

That is indeed a dashboard bug - I’ve reported it here:

For now, I suggest simply replacing the version number with latest.