Cloudflare Tunnel DNS resolving to local address


Apologies for the beginner issue, but I have recently bought a Synology NAS 920+, have docker installed and a cloudflared container.
I’ve set up a tunnel via a few different videos and tutorials, but not sure how to resolve my issue. ttps://
The tunnel shows up as healthy and connected, not getting any errors in the docker log for startup.

But whenever i go to the route (public hostname subdomain) it ends up being resolved to the local address off the NAS instead of the CF CNAME.

Apologies if this is not enough information or basic, I’m just getting started in networking stuff and coming across so many problems.


Do you have any local DNS entries, either in hosts file or via local DNS server? That is the usual cause for the wrong IP being resolved.

No DNS server on my NAS, nothing in the hosts file (win10) but i get the same url resolve issue when trying on my phone using mobile data. Keeps trying to go to 192.168…:

The tunnel is working, i’m using the quic method, which happened by default but the final address is local.

Thanks for the suggestion

turns out it was due to the docker instance i had running (webtrees) it was resolving to local names on that container.
got it working using synology reverse proxy, but will test it using Cloudflare tomorrow, just heads up for those that have those super specific issues, it was base_url in webtrees config.ini.php