Cloudflare Tunnel and Traccar

Hi, to and a friend of mine was born a small idea, hosting a small traccar service to keep track of all the movements of our devices (and not only), only that the problem (for both) was to do the port forwaring, initially the situation was resolved by creating a tunnel with Cloudflare so you can connect from anywhere in the world (and it also worked quite well), I also tried to install the traccar app on the phone and it works, can track my phone (also connected in 4g), now I was trying to make it work with other types of tracker (like oneway s20) only that there is no way to make it go in any way, searching on google I found that you should open the modem ports (each tracker has its own port that needs to be opened, ranging from 5000 to 5160), but I found that the phone app also uses port 5055 to communicate with the server, so my question is why the phone app works (also pretty good) while all the other trackers don’t?

I’m also looking for a solution to this problem, why does it work on my cellphone but it can’t work on my GT20 device