Cloudflare Tunnel and Teams

I have been testing out the Cloudflare tunnel and teams functionality - using cloudflared on a Linux server to connect services to the outside world without port forwarding. This is working great.

I have also looked at the Teams/ZeroTrust/Warp functionality to allow me to connect to my 192.168.1.x network from anywhere. Again this also works.

There’s one last thing I want to be able to do. With my current OpenVPN solution I can connect to my VPN, see my internal network then when performing a “what is my ip address” lookup will show my WAN IP address. This doesn’t happen with the Android app, instead giving me a Cloudflare owned IP address. Is there anything I can reconfigure to allow this functionality? My use case is that I have some services that are strict on Geo-blocking, so connecting into my home server allows me to use those services anywhere in the world that may otherwise be blocked with consumer VPN services.

Because technically you are connected to the Cloudflare network when you enable WARP as VPN instead of connecting directly to your home network (which is what OpenVPN does) in the first place. You only grant access to your internal network via WARP if you explicitly specify the destination private IP to connect.

Cloudflare WARP is not intended for bypassing geo-restriction, you should be looking for some other personal VPN services that provides the option to choose a country.

Route the service through your tunnel.

I should have said, I often need this functionality when I’m out and about on my Android phone. I’m not sure there is a version of cloudflared for Android?

The method I described used the Warp client on the end user device, not Cloudflared.