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Hello, i sent a message to Cloudflare via their contact form and my ticket was escalated to the “Cloudflare Trust & Safety” department.
I cannot read the answer i got back from them, this is all i got in my email:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Hello [email protected]
Your report (#xxx) has been been replied to. Note – When responding please make sure to keep #xxx in the subject line.
Chloe (Cloudflare Trust & Safety)
Dec 18, 1:46 AM GMT
As mentioned in our reply, please reach out to the reporter on the claim.

This email is a service from Cloudflare Trust & Safety. Delivered by Zendesk

There is no link for me to click on to read the message they sent, i only have a #XXX (case number).

What can i do?

Best Regards

They say that you should ask the person who reported you via the DMCA complaint. Based on your previous thread DMCA Complaint, you should see if there is a contact email for the people that actually sent the DMCA complaint if you want to contact them.

(I am not a lawyer, and I do not work for Cloudflare): my personal opinion is that they misused the DMCA complaint form to complain about you either selling or distribution hacks/IPA files/etc for some game that is developed in Korea. It depends on your hosting provider, but generally, the hosting provider throws these complaints out since it’s not really a DMCA violation (hacks =/= stealing IP).

For your standing with Cloudflare, they almost never take down a website due to copyright complaints (thepiratebay is on Cloudflare) since Cloudflare is not a hosting provider or content host, so you shouldn’t be worried about being kicked off of Cloudflare or anything.

You should simply contact your website hosting provider to clarify with them if they need any information from you regarding the DMCA complaint since they are the ones who would need to take down your website if they wanted to comply with the DMCA request.

Someone told me that i should go to and fill out the “Copyright Infringement & DMCA Violations” form.
But would that not mean that i am reporting my self for DMCA violation? i am confused.

Hi @roger.nilsson, yes that form is for reporting, I’d suggested it as an option if there was no path presented in the complaint. The direction @Judge points you towards is a good one to drive it to resolution and their other input is spot on.

Thank you Cloonan!

Do you have any idea on how i can read the message i got From “Cloudflare Trust & Safety”?
The first post in this thread is what i got from them, it says:“Your report (#xxx) has been been replied to”

But there is no link to where i can read the reply or anything?

Best Regards, Roger

I don’t know by whom replied to refers, but I’d start by following with whatever contacts are listed in the correspondence. Beyond that, the communication indicates a copy was sent to your hosting provider, it may be worth chasing that down to ensure you are aware of any communications they are having.

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