Cloudflare Transform Rules dont work [bug] #fail

exact steps. fail. if someone want to take this internally that’s fine, i won’t be submitting a support ticket as it’s always an uphill battle to get anything other than a canned answer, no desire to waste energy on begging for escalation. implemented in workers instead, moved on.

Turns out this is only available on Business+. The documentation needs to be much clearer here, it would also help if they bubble up in the UX rather than Code: undefined. Turns out this only mentioned in page linked three steps away and only somewhat closely related Values · Cloudflare Ruleset Engine docs.

Also, for feedback, whilst I understand the reserving of regex for business+, given how computationally expensive a bad regex can be, there should at least be a simple string_replace transform function for Pro plans…

You have got to be kidding me. I have been banging my head against the wall trying to get this to work - literally to the point of just copying the code in the docs. Why can’t Cloudflare make this sort of thing crystal clear? Thank you @matt53 for posting the follow up.

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@chris150 @matt53 - Just FYI, our engineering team are working to improve the error message for missing regex entitlement in header rewrites.

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