Cloudflare Traffic Source

is there a way to limit traffic coming thru CloudFlare proxy to our web server Originate from within US Datacenter. Our Edge has geo restrictions that will block traffic.


So your looking to only allow connections from the US to hit the website? or are you wanting to only allow CF’s proxy to hit your website?

To limit connections to just the US you can use the Geo option in the CF Firewall,

To limit connections from your origin then you can restrict on your host to the list of CF IP’s here :slight_smile:

Hi, Looking to limit traffic from Cloudflare US only data centers. From what i read Cloudflare has data centers across world.

Just to understand your request a little better

You want want your data leaving US datacentres but you still want people outside of the US to visit your site?

Yes. Flow similar to this
Users => Cloudflare Proxy(US Data Center) => Our WebServer ( US DataCenter)


Sorry that isn’t possible and not sure why that would be a requirement.

This may be what you’re looking for. It’s an add-on to the Enterprise plan.

thank you

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