Cloudflare Traffic Sequence - what's yours like?

Cloudflare blog announced Cloudflare Traffic Sequence and it’s very useful to see how traffic is flowing through my Cloudflare products and services I use.

Here’s my Traffic Sequence

Curious to know how other CF users’ Traffic Sequences look for their set of products and services in play?


This doesn’t show on my account even though the blog post seems to indicate it’s available for all accounts…

Edit: I zoomed out my browser to 80% and finally saw it. The strange thing is that I didn’t even see the blue announcement at the top until I zoomed out—it simply wasn’t there. And there was no horizontal scrollbar either. This makes me want to go through the whole interface from top to bottom to see what else may have been missing for me at 100%… Going to submit feedback.


I believe it does not work well for screens with lower resolutions like 1366x768, as it can’t fit everything into one screen. Full HD monitors (with 100% scaling in Windows) do show the traffic sequence well.

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I agree. It appears I’ve been missing content too, by viewing at 100%. Not a great UI when elements simply don’t appear; they should move somewhere (below, squish others so they fit, etc), but not disappear completely :worried:

I like the traffic sequence though, now I’ve seen it :stuck_out_tongue:
I wouldn’t have noticed it at all if I hadn’t seen the OP’s post, so thank you @eva2000 :clap:

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From were you got that?:thinking:

It probably shows what you have access to rather than what you have enabled. I use neither Bots, Rate Limiting (though activated) or Access on this site but they still show in the list.

I’m at 140%. Rarely have issues though as everything’s responsive nowadays.

Looks like Traffic Sequence is the only thing I’ve been missing. It’s slick where it is, but would prefer horizontal scroll instead of hidden on limited screen real estate. :frowning: Fortunately, it’s well designed enough that zooming works just fine (if you know the feature is there, that is…)! :slight_smile:

Indeed I thought it would only show what you are using, not the entire flow chain!

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