Cloudflare Traffic not reaching website

In my Clouflare analytics i have over 400+ unique visitors but come to my wordpress admin dashboard no single visitor, dunno why where are my visitors redirected to? why is it not reaching my website?

but in wordpress admin dashboard no traffic why is it so…

i tried to do a little debug my self and i noticed if i check my site using the chrome inspect tool i checked the header and it shows cf-cache-status: MISS

please i need help… i inspected my competitors site theirs all show cf-cache-status: HIT or Dynamic

please u guys need to help me fix this configurations Thanks in Advance

Hello! Theses analytics don’t include requests only from real user traffic… But also blocked requests, bots (bad or good), api calls, etc. It’s normal to see a lot of requests in your analytics dashboard.

Below is a screenshot of a website of mine that is under development.

None of theses requests came from humans (Including me, as I haven’t done anything on the website today).

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