Cloudflare traffic is misrouted from Magyar Telekom (Hungary) and having huge packet loss - Again

Dear Cloudflare, please investigate the 1 millionth issue regarding Magyar Telekom’s (AS5483) routing. Every website that is using a Free Cloudflare plan is served from the EWR (Newark, New Jersey) PoP. The traffic also have a stable 20-25% packet loss.

Traffic from other Hungarian ISPs are “fine” (Well, Magyar Telekom and Vodafone is still routing them to a neighbor country instead of the CF PoP that is literally in the same datacenter as their edge nodes (BUD - Budapest, Hungary), but whatever, at least it’s not on the other side of Earth). When visiting websites on any paid plan Magyar Telekom users are also getting served from a nearby PoP (VIE - Vienna, Austria) without any packet loss.

Feb 1 update: The constant packet loss issue seem to be resolved, but the Free websites are still being served from the USA.

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Same here. @MVP @sandro