Cloudflare traffic from 'Russian Federation' listed in Top Traffic Countries

I have about 10 websites hosted on Cloudflare (free plan). While browsing through the ‘Analytics’ section of Cloudflare. I noticed all of my websites have 50% or more traffic coming from ‘Russian Federation’ listed in Top Traffic Countries. I am based in the U.S. Wondering why this could be?
Question 2) Why there is no data on Google Analytics showing for Russian Geo page visits?

  1. Because websites are under constant attack. If you have no interest in this traffic, you can block/challenge Russian Federation from your Cloudflare Firewall settings.
  2. Probably because Google Analytics uses Javascript, and the attack bots don’t process Javascript.

Thank you. I tried Access Rules under Firewall it saying Sorry, block by country is only available on the Enterprise plan (Code: 10016) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Use the Firewall Rules at the top of this page.

If Country equals Russian Federation > block

May I just suggest to not block it completely but challenge it with a captcha instead, otherwise it would really block everything, legitimate visitors as well.

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