Cloudflare Traffic expert (wanted)

I’m looking to hire a Cloudflare traffic expert that can look for Invalid traffic.

Must know what to look for and find the problem, I have contacted support many times I need someone that can help …please contact me

You might be looking for a Cloudflare service partner? @erictung does this AFAIK.
Please be advised that if you want somebody to be tuning and giving constant updates to your site settings, it is likely going to be pricy.

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Hi, I was not around for the last 24 hours and just saw the message, sorry for the delay.

So my team told me that someone contacted us via website forms and he is looking for traffic analysis service, and I didn’t expect it was you.

What I know is, you are on Cloudflare business plan, and you are having issues with your adsense traffic.

First of all, since we are just Cloudflare partner, we don’t actually have visibility to all traffic going in and out of Cloudflare network. Of course, if we have access to someone’s account (by invitation), then we might be able to see more info.

But, even with access to the Cloudflare account, the number of information that we can analyze is still very limited - firewall events are not capturing every requests coming in to your website (unless you are on Enterprise plan and you are entitled to use Log action for custom firewall rules).

Even with firewall events, some information is still not included in it. Cloudflare has a feature called ELS (Enterprise Log Share), that we can actually have a full detail of each request coming in to the website. Unfortunately, this feature is also only available in Enterprise plan, but not on Business plan. In this situation, we can’t really assist much.

I think my team already explained to you by responding to your inquiry. Hope this clarifies.

Yup, we do charge for these kind of services, since we are just Cloudflare partner, but not the official Cloudflare support team itself. But, it depends on the sales team how much they decide to charge for these kind of services :slightly_smiling_face:


We have custom traffic scripts that can get the data…these are running that gives us lots of data but. We need experts to ad some rules and make sure they are correct .

Price just hit me you mite be surprised on what we will pay …

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I don’t care about the price if they can do the job that know one else is able to yet do …I dont see why .

The forum here generally is not really for paid work. For that it is better to consult the typical paid job platforms.

Though, if you describe what you want to block and if it does not require an hour long analysis you might just get it for free here :wink:

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I understand that but I’m at the end of my rope seem no one can do anything and yes i have contacted many many people and called many many companies…

And none of them was willing or capable to do that?

Can you describe what exactly it is you want to be done?

I have access to good data i need some to look at our invalid traffic problem … and sort out some blocks on it …Yes no one wants to get paid to do this

Ungrateful peasants :smile:

These are nice graphs, but they don’t say much except that your traffic plummeted at the end of February.

How exactly do you define “invalid traffic”? Did you manage to determine a pattern from your webserver log files?


this is just tip of the data, I have access to …UA, bots, fake browsers and more its not webserver logs …its custom traffic data to find problems with bad bots and traffic

google adsense is telling us , I need to fix it in a hurry

On a Business plan you have access to more tools but Bot Management for example is still reserved for Enterprise. So you will be most likely relying on the usual firewall rules and possibly WAF, though I assume the latter won’t be all that useful in your case.

I’d really try to establish what the traffic, you want to block, has in common and then set up firewall rules to block that traffic and check if that makes a difference. Without knowing details on that traffic it is difficult to give more advice.

Yes we have 90 rules set up but still failing… That’s why i need someone to look at data to see more then I can.

I am afraid I am not sure what else to suggest that what I already did. You most likely won’t and shouldn’t get a lot more responses in regards to paid work as that simply is not really part of the forum culture. I’d really try classic freelancer sites like Freelancer and Upwork next.


thank you again and yes I understand that but its worth a try at the moment I’m willing to try anything problem with Upwork is everyone is an expert until you get them to do something correctly then they have no idea…


Properly mitigating bots is an extremely complicated task and not something you will be able to do without Cloudflare enterprise (rules won’t be efficient for this, you can’t sign-match all bots, in fact, its trivial for them to go around those).
There are competitors to Cloudflare, however, when it comes to Bot Management, I have to say that Cloudflare is not particularly expensive, any solution that claims to have bot protection for cheap prices won’t be good (making special emphasis on providers that have a very fancy design and claim to have bot protection for $20-200, a Javascript challenge is not a proper measure against bots), due to the nature of proper bot management solutions, providers need to keep track of the user interactions with your site as well as doing lots of real-time computation, cheap providers won’t do this and thus you will end up in the same situation.

Regarding upwork and similar sites, overall I don’t like to generalize, but what you will find in those pages is nothing but poor results from people that is mediocre at best.

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I was thinking in offering myself to do it, I have some customers for whom I handle their CF rules, however, those services are primarily focused at having some management against HTTP attacks rather than bot management, that will be almost impossible with CF Business.
What kind of bots are you receiving, ad fraud?

thanks for the reply mostly we have been hit with adsense invalid traffic…google does not help or give out any info on how to fix or do anything about the problem, Using the stats we have we are able to get the bot traffic way down but we are no experts,

Hmm it’s a tough situation if they are not giving you further information. My pro tip would be to use some of the bot management solutions that are compatible with Cloudflare, they typically use workers and the results tend to be good, however, different providers have different applications, some might focus on bots that not necessarily affect you (automated checkout, scraping…), best is to try over a couple of days the well-known providers and find out which one works best for you.
Be advised that the price is likely in the order of a couple of thousands per month, something in the middle between CF Enterprise and Business.

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would you believe many of these places dont even reply to emails ?

If you have any in mind could you PM me them please