Cloudflare Trace fails, says the hostname does not belong to my account

Hi, I have a few issues, but I think they all stem from the fact that Cloudflare doesn’t seem to think a hostname belongs to my account.

I have DNS configured successfully, but I had zero luck getting routes to trigger workers. After troubleshooting that for a long time, I concluded that the route and worker were configured fine.

I decided to try the new Trace tool that Cloudflare provides, and when I put a simple in that trace tool, I get: “hostname does not belong to your account” - My hunch is whatever misconfiguration is causing this, is probably why my routes are not working.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Your site may be hosted with a provider who uses Cloudflare.

Who’s your host?

I just started thinking of that myself and have already sent them an email asking. They are:

If it is the case that they are using cloudflare as well - is there a work around for me to be able to use route-triggers?

Does anything in your account work? Like Analytics, rules, etc.?

I’ve tried very few things really. DNS is set up and proxing. However, routing to workers does not - nor did the trace.

Since I sent my last message, Carrd has confirmed my site is in cloudflare on their end and they say they are going to move me to a non-cloudflare environment.

I will report back if that resolves my issues.

Thank you.

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Yup, so Trace only works for hostnames that belong to your account. If your hostname is currently delegated to another account, for example via Cloudflare for SaaS, you won’t be able to trace it because the rules that are applied to the request are owned by a different account.


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