Cloudflare tour guide of their G9 servers!

Been waiting for this update and Cloudflare have delivered an updated blog article tour guide for their G9 servers with custom Intel Xeon Gold 24 cores x2x4 = 192 Skylake cores :sunglasses:

Always interesting to have some insight behind the hardware that powers Cloudflare’s network/operations. Was surprised to learn Cloudflare got Intel to whip up some custom Intel Xeon Gold Skylake processors :slight_smile:


Thanks for info Cloudflare :+1:


Whenever I have a chance to hear a member of the team responsible for our severs talk about the changes over time and the impact of those changes on our network, I’m in awe :logopulse:


I find it interesting that the amount of local storage is decreasing over time. The reduction from G8 is small, but it might have halved in each server since 2013. RAM, CPU and Network are all up significantly, but features like Stream have not driven storage up?

What am I not getting?

Yeah it’s amazing how much optimisations Cloudflare does at every level of their operation from software code optimisations/network level to the hardware setups.

nice eye @michael didn’t realise local storage decreased over time - maybe due to better compression being used ??

As someone noted no Intel Optane or NVMe based storage on these G9s either !

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