Cloudflare Toronto connection issues

Hi there - over the past day or so I’ve noticed extremely high latency on DNS resolutions and it looks like the hop below seems to be having some trouble: IP

When running a trace route this hop fails the majority of the time from my location. I am seeing anywhere from 80-1000ms response times when using or from my location with this hop being the weakest link.

All our servers are hosted in Toronto. Over the last 3 days, we have noticed requests to some of our other Toronto services failing ~50% of the time, all proxied through cloudflare. We keep receiving a “No route to host” error, but only in Toronto. Our NYC region works fine! I really don’t know what more to do at this point except move our services to another unaffected region…

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Today it looks like things are back to normal - my resolution time is back down to anywhere from 1-30ms and my tracert’s are no longer failing on the previously mentioned Toronto DC.