Cloudflare token emails NEVER arrive so we cannot log in

Been trying to call sales but there phones are down. I know they do not give tech support, but they can relay messages when needed. I have a client that signed up for Clouflare, paid and I set it up. However, we have never, ever received a confirming email nor do we get the token emails to login. SO… we cannot access the account and Cloudflare is no freaking help after 2 support tickets submitted under my own account. I have to submit the tickets from my account because my cleints account will not let me or her log in and if you try to submit a ticket it makes you log in. Such a ■■■■ show.

Hi @stacy, if your client cannot login to open a support ticket, have them email support AT Cloudflare DOT com Please have them mail from the account used to set up their site on Cloudflare.

We have already done that once and you never responded or we never got your email.

I am doing it again.

The mail was not received. I followed-up with Support and see they replied 7/29 but that mail was not received. The support update said “It seems that the email account is actively rejecting our email message which is why the account never received the message. I have the email delivery on our system, please make sure the account is not rejecting messages from domain.”

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I am accessing directly from cpanel, so not sure why it would reject your email. Can you change the email address to a gmail email address on the account for us? We can do nothing.

Hi @stacy, thank you, sorry for the difficulty. I do see the support team followed-up over the weekend asking for some details that I think can be worked through over email.

Can you email support AT Cloudflare DOT com one more time from your account and cc 1) the original email account your client used to open the account and 2) the email on the account that you changed it to?

You don’t need to repeat the details, we’ll add that if you reference these tickets: 1558275, 1558736, 1556418.

In that email, the support team asked you to include as much of this information as possible:

  1. The list of domains (1 or more) in your account
  2. The IP address(es) for the web server(s) associated with each those domain(s) (1 or more)
  3. Who your hosting provider is for each of those domain(s) (1 or more)
  4. What your original name servers were for each of those domain(s) (1 or more)

The team will reach out once that information is received with next steps. Thank you.