Cloudflare to Re-verify DNS Records for Stripe DNS Verification Check

Stripe support mentioned that Cloudflare needs to reverify the DNS because on their end it still shows as unverified despite being exactly the same.

I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the text record as well as waiting 48 hours but it’s still not working.

How can I re-verify the txt record in Cloudflare so I can verify it in Stripe?

Example images

I guess you missing something, not Cloudflare, your TXT is availabe to global networks, or just Stripe DNS records are not updated!

You can try @ instead of typing your domain

When I add @ Cloudflare automatically converts it to the full domain.
Thank you for your help.
I’ll contact Stripe support again and see if they’re able to do something about it on their end.

Exactly it will converted to your domain, use @ - root - will prevent you from misstyping, and you can also try temporary remove duplicated TXT using the same name… etc… I used to forwarding email and my domain verification status on that site like blink blink :))

Just think: I use many services that requires TXT verifications, and my DNS contains:

TXT domain.tld services-a:aaaaaaaa
TXT domain.tld services-b:bbbbbbbb
TXT domain.tld services-c:ccccccccc

But developers of services-c coding the verify system with the value of domain.tld TXT value, when the system request and received all three TXT values, but they parse and use only one of these value, it’s may services-a:aaaaaaaa or services-b:bbbbbbbb, so verify system define it as not valid…