Cloudflare to point to Weebly

Hi there,

I bought my domain through digital business lounge - tucows.

They told me to use Cloudflare in order to use Weebly.

I built my site using Weebly, I upgraded the weekly account in order to transfer the domain to weebly but I need to update the DNS records namely the A records (which is why tucows told me to use cloud flare?) and its not publishing as in I can’t search and find it - I can only see it in my weebly and able to edit etc.

I need to know if what I have configured in cloud flare is correct.

I know it takes 72 hours but its killing me that I can check if everything I have set up is correct.

@ and www is to be pointed to IP ADDRESS as given and provided to me.

Nameservers reflect cloudflare…

What else should I be configuring?

What is missing?

This screenshot is from the panel when it was hosted with tucows, it doesn’t appear to be hosted now… and the IP last digits I had changed to .77 and it was published and working…


Hi @mmwingkee,

Your nameservers currently point to:


If you have changed these, they are not showing and you might want to contact your registrar.

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