CloudFlare To CloudFlare DNS NameServer "NS" Change/Transfer

Hello Everyone,

Thank you in advance for your help.

We are trying to transfer DNS NS from one Cloudflare Account to another. How can we update the NS Record in the old Cloudflare account?

Remove these nameservers:
Nameserver 1: liv . ns . cloudflare . com
Nameserver 2: walt . ns . cloudflare . com

Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers
Nameserver 1: lex. ns . cloudflare . com
Nameserver 2: mina . ns . cloudflare . com

Both are in cloudflare, yet we can’t figure out how to change the old record. Any advise?

Thanks again,

You cannot do that. If you want to move the domain to another Cloudflare account, you’ll have to move it to another registrar first.

Edit: That is, if you’re using Cloudflare registrar. If you are using another registrar, you can change the nameservers there.


Thank you Laudian, that is really a sad reality.

How about Transfer ownership? Can’t it be done from one Cloudflare account to another?

Seriously, I am really start to be annoyed with ClaudFlare GUI Management, especially if you manage 100+ Domains.


No. You can invite other people to manage a specific domain in your account if that helps you.


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