Cloudflare to block certain traffic

My domain is hosted elsewhere and is being hit all day, every day by spam bots from certain countries. I would like to use CF to somehow block by country, so I think I need to use CF’s DNS? Is there an easy guide on this somewhere please?

I wonder, are you using some kind of a captcha system on your comment/contact/login/registration forms for any kind of security measurement and/or proteciton, if so? :thinking:

Yep, have looked at all those.

The question is, am I able to block countries to my website with a FREE CF account?

Yes, it is possible and you are able to block countries trying to access your Website with Cloudflare Free plan using a Firewall Rule.

Helpful article on managing Firewall Rules using CF dashboard:

Example blocking a single country:

Example blocking multiple countries:

That would block anyone from specific country(ies) to access your website and post some spammy content.

Hopefully, you aren’t using some kind of a nulled script or a plugin, nor your Website contains a malware in a database or is hacked which would result in such an action :thinking:

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