Cloudflare TLS Certificate with Twilio URL Shortener Not Working

What is the domain name?

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Describe the issue you are having:
I am trying to issue an SSL/TLS Certificate to use with Twilio’s Link Shortening service. However when I generate the certificate in Cloudflare I get an error stating the domains mismatch. I have tried using Edge, Client and Origin certificates but nothing is working.

What error message or number are you receiving?
When I copy and paste the certificate information generated in Cloudflare I get a “Certificate’s domain name does not match the registered domain. Registered domain name: Certificate domain name: Cloudflare Origin Certificate”

If Twilio wants a publicly trusted certificate, there is no way you can get one of these via Cloudflare. Edge Certificates are not downloadable, Origin Certificates are only trusted by Cloudflare’s Proxy, Client Certificates are for mTLS. You’d have to try something like Let’s Encrypt or ZeroSSL to get a publicly trusted certificate to give to them.


They don’t explicitly state weather they require publicly trusted authorities.

It won’t work with Origin Certs because their common name is always Cloudflare Origin Certificate, and they only contain the actual domain in the SAN (Subject Alternate Name). Even if you create your own and give Cloudflare the Certificate Signing Request, it still changes it. And according to twilio docs, they do not support SAN, your domain has to match the common name.

Not sure either, they don’t seem to detail it, but:
Origin Certs only work with Cloudflare proxy enabled, and sometimes Custom Domains require proxy disabled/dns-only for them to verify/work, depends on the provider. Regardless, you’ll have to look elsewhere to get a certificate which meets all of their requirements.


Well that blows but thank you for the help!

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