Cloudflare timeout from origin server

Hello Community. I am running into a timeout problem between CF and origin server. I am processing image files on the origin which is taking longer than CF standard timeout. So before origin is finishes and responds to CF, CF is timing out and displays an error. However, origin is finishing it’s job. Unfortunately, once timeout occurs, CF takes a bit of time to reset and allow traffic again to flow. Is there a way to extend the default timeout period for CF, I believe default is about a minute so that CF waits a bit longer before timing out and halting all access to the origin?

There is not a way to extend the timeout, as it is already fairly long.

I’d recommend you change the way you run the batch job to instead have a “worker” process on your server run any jobs it needs to in the background and have your actual web frontend periodically check if the job is finished. This type of processing is a big part of web services today and might require a lot of architectural changes to your web service to properly implement. If your framework already has mechanisms for running jobs, you should use those.

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