Cloudflare time out issue

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I have the typical issue as Cloudflare time out.

I need to do some backend maintenance work on my side, obviously , it takes more than 100 secs, I only the Cloudflare time out error, it looks like my job still go after time out and finished successfully.

I googled, looks like there is no way for us to increase /disable the timeout.

Just want to if anyone knows any alternative paid service (apart from enterprise account) to help us to avoid timeout error.

Your options basically are:

  1. Upgrade to Enterprise to increase it
  2. Change it to fire and forget, return instantly and do the work in the background.
  3. Unproxy the domain and lose Cloudflare’s benefits like CDN/WAF. If it’s just you doing maintenance work, you could bypass Cloudflare and allow yourself to connect directly.
  4. Change it to a job based system where it kicks off the job in the background and the client using JS queries for job status until completion.
  5. Make the job not take 100 seconds by making it faster or splitting it into parts (may not be doable depending on what it is)

If it doesn’t cancel the work even if the request gets cancelled, you also have the option of doing nothing at all. If it’s just for maintenance, execute it and watch logs (if any) to ensure it worked.
Not sure what else you’re looking for.

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