Cloudflare through Siteground 1016 error

Hi, I have a Clouflare account through my host Siteground. I pointed an external domain to Siteground name servers last Wednesday and through a DNS checker website this has all propogated fine, but I am getting the 1016 error when I try to visit my website and a ‘DNS check failed’ message in my host admin area. It looks to me that I need to update the CNAME records, however when I asked a technical expert at Siteground they said everything is fine and I just need to wait for the Cloudflare records to update. This was all transferred over the weekend and I am still getting the error message (see image attached).

Can anyone help with this please? Thanks

I don’t know where that ‘cloudflare-resolve-to’ came from. As you’re using SiteGround for DNS, they have their own way of doing things. I advise against using third party Cloudflare integrations because you don’t have a lot of control over their settings.

If you switch to a regular Cloudflare setup, this is much easier to deal with and we could provide more assistance.

I can’t afford $200/month unfortunately…is there no way this can be sorted through Siteground?

Cloudflare has free plans.

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