Cloudflare thought my whole site was down

I just had an issue where Cloud-flare thought my whole website was down. I was seeing 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable (cloudflare-nginx) pages for every page.

After some testing i noticed that this only happened after visiting a specific page. The page worked for the first load in a fresh browser. This particular page contained a script tag to a web socket server that we decommissioned a while back. This script was returning error 525.

The failure of this single script caused Cloud-flare to believe the whole website was down even though the missing script was on a different port.

My issue was fixed by removing the dead script tag, but It is not clear why this has only started happening today. It may be related to a platform update so i’ve posted this incase someone has a similar issue.

Thanks for letting the community know. :slight_smile:

is caused by a connectivity issue in one or more Cloudflare datacenters. I am not sure how a SSL handshake failure would cause this, but please let the support know about this. Please read this KB article before filing a ticket:


There was also an incident regarding connectivity issues in Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur and Toronto yesterday.

Does that match?

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