Cloudflare thinks my DNS is handled by my Prior web host

How do I delete this from Cloudflare? Do I need to delete my Cloudflare account and start over?

My prior host was A2Hosting. I thought that was deleted when I moved my site elsewhere. Somehow traffic data is still going to Cloudflare and I don’t see how. Thanks.

How are you seeing this? Does your new web host use Cloudflare?

I can only hypothesize that A2 was using Cloudflare for your domain and did not fully remove it from their Cloudflare integration.

If you’d like more specific suggestions, please post your domain name.

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My domain is now hosted at cloudways. I moved the site over a year ago.

Your name servers are GoDaddy, and resolves directly to a Vultr server. And I see nothing on your site that’s routing to Cloudflare. How are you seeing that traffic data is going to Cloudflare?

In my Cloudflare account it says my DNS is controlled by A2 Hosting. I’ll see if I can upload a picture

I believe you, but please refer back to:

If A2 won’t cooperate, you can try to delete the zone from Cloudflare, then re-add it.

Still, though, no traffic for your site is going through Cloudflare.

This is part of the picture. pdf not allowed.

I have some traffic coming from somewhere!

That’s an interesting mystery. It’s not much traffic, so I wonder if there’s something internal at A2 that’s making requests. Unfortunately, free plans don’t have detailed analytics that would show much about the traffic, but it should at least show you which countries the traffic is coming from.

I also wonder if something out there is manually hitting your old Cloudflare IP addresses to crawl your site. As it’s 100% cached, I’d think it’s static files (images, CSS, JS), unless you had some sort of “Cache Everything” set up here.

I would think that at some point, Cloudflare would notice that the name servers no longer point to the same place and drop the zone. I’m not entirely sure that happens when it’s a Partner DNS zone, though. I’d still recommend a manual deletion of the zone.

Does that mean Manual deletion of the entire site from Cloudflare and then re-add it? Support is almost nonexistent with Cloudflare. I would like to move my domain to Cloudflare but this needs to be resolved first.

Here’s a better picture of DNS message on Cloudflare.

Non-existent? I’ve posted five replies to you in two hours. Far better than what you’re getting from A2 from what it seems, and for far less money.


I didn’t realize you worked at Cloudflare. Thanks for the information. I delete the site and try to re-add it.

I don’t, but Cloudflare doesn’t offer personal support for non-paying customers.

I did delete the site from Cloudflare and am adding it back. Cloudlfare does not seem to bring in all of the DNS records and this concerns me. There about 7 items not included.

  1. 1 CNAME autodiscover record for my hosted exchange server
  2. 3 CNAME records for Amazon SES dkim
  3. 1 TXT file for Microsoft online
  4. 1 TXT record for spf1
  5. 1 TXT record for Amazon SES

Do these need to be added to Cloudflare when my domain name is with someone else? I would prefer this to all be in one place. I read the directions from Cloudflare and they say the first thing to do is check the DNS configuration.

I think I need professional help sot his goes smoothly.


Some of mine don’t copy over all the records when I added my domains. You probably need those. Here are some tips on adding DNS records manually. I bet those CNAME records need to be :grey: DNS Only.

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