Cloudflare thinks my Chrome is a bot

So, i’ve been trying to use a few Cloudflare websites recently, but every single time i try to do anything, i get flagged as a bot and it refused to allow me to do anything. ■■■■, even creating an account to ask about it involved cloudflare flagging me as a bot multiple times and i had to keep restarting the browser.

This only happens on my Google Chrome tab as i tried all these sites on Microsoft Edge and turns out it doesn’t have these problems, but that means i’ll have to use Microsoft Edge and that’s a fate worse than death, so let’s not contemplate that.

I can’t do anything but look at specific pages if i type in the right url, but if i try to do anything on those pages, Cloudflare Security flags me as a bot and denies access. How do i stop this?

Posting the timeline of events, but can only post 1 pic per post due to being a new member.

Have you tested in a new profile with no addons?

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