Cloudflare Terms Of Service Doubts

Hello there, I have doubt regarding TOS 2.8
As it states

Use of the Services for serving video or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other non-HTML content is prohibited, unless purchased separately as part of a Paid Service or expressly allowed under our Supplemental Terms for a specific Service.

We are using free plan and want to stick to the same. Now we have tons of audios(small mp3 files) on our website and we have enabled standard cache for webiste via pagerules and WE HAVE ALSO EXCLUDED AUDIO FILES FROM BEING CACHED via page rule.

Now coming to the actual point, In Cloudflare analytics it shows 30GB has been served in last 24hrs out of which 3GB is cached and 27 is Uncached. Refer Screenshot

Since We are not caching mp3 files and yet bandwidth served for last 24hrs is 30GB, Does that break TOS 2.8 ?

This is not about caching. As the TOS states, it is about serving the files and files are being served whenever you proxy them over :orange: hosts.

So yes, in your case you are in violation of the TOS. While serving audio files is not necessarily always against the TOS, in your case you do seem to have about 720 GB of traffic a month and might be something that Cloudflare could not appreciate and you might get the account restricted.

It’s probably best to switch any audio links to a :grey: hostname.

There was a thread about that only recently → Terms of Service Point 2.8 - #2 by cscharff


Thanks. i will do checkout. As Cloudflare has not given any specific details its hard that many starters like me are struggling to configure. Recently our wp admin has been cached and was hacked luckily we found out early. This happened only coz of small mistake like previously it was wp-admin* then changed to wp-admin/*
Though there are many tutorials around scenario’s were different.

In this case it’s really about proxying, so in your case it will be best to handle that traffic via unproxied hosts.

Yes i do agree. We are left with no option but to go with dns only option. Is there anyway we can contact cloudflae customer care. Every time i send mail regarding issue/query, that same phrase will be sent back like bouncing mail.

For that you will need a paid account.

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