Cloudflare Teams / zero trust

I’m looking at Cloudflare for Teams to solve an issue we have with all the remote workers and VPNs / static ips.

Its a bit of a jungle trying to research use cases.

I don’t want ssh via browser.

We are a team of developers. We use various IDEs to connect to firewalled servers via SSH/SCP and SSH tunnels for database connections.

Is Cloudflare for Teams product appropriate for this? Only thing I could find for this (obvious) use case was a page that showed SSH via Browser setup (not useful)

Is there a help document that describes setting up cloudflare service for this specific (and common) scenario?

There are a few possible approaches for ssh access with Teams. These are the 2 most common.

Connect through Cloudflare Access over SSH · Cloudflare for Teams documentation
Announcing SSH Access through Cloudflare
Connect from WARP to a private network on Cloudflare using Cloudflare Tunnel · Cloudflare for Teams documentation
Start building your own private network on Cloudflare today

Thanks for the links. Still quite the maze… I don’t think the help articles are really all that useful when you are trying to achieve VPNless secure connections for the company. Should probably have a wizard in your dashboard that guides the most common setup.

Note: there’s a section of this help file that feels incomplete. Telling me to make a config file, doesn’t tell me where to make it, or any details on why and how its used.