Cloudflare Teams + Warp - routing to other countries


We’ve been using a combination of Cloudflare Teams + Warp for a while now and love it. We are using argo tunnels to link RDP and web servers to our CF teams environment, then enabling our team to access them via Warp + gateway rules. Works great.

The last couple of days though, RDP over Argo/Warp has been very slow, and we noted a lot of Google search challenges. We then realised that we’re going through Singapore (we’re in Australia). While that’s not a huge deal, Google now thinks we’re in Singapore and all searches, shopping etc come up with localised results from Singapore.

My understanding is under the free Teams service we have no control over where our connections terminate, and due to multicast it relies heavily on our ISP (Aussie Broadband).

Is there anything that can be done about this? way too many Google challenges and Google search terms are now impacting what we do.

Please advise, thanks in advance

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