Cloudflare Teams & WARP for linux Enrollment

Hi –

Having issues with Teams enrollment on Linux and Windows and Android, but well focus on Linux. I do have one Windows 10 machine working with WARP and it seems to be routing to my other networks and accessing apps just fine. I did the following on Ubuntu 20.04 desktop:

  1. Added repo
  2. apt install Cloudflare-warp
  3. warp-cli register
  4. warp-cli connect
  5. Verified: curl and verify that warp=on
  6. warp-cli teams-enroll [team-name]
  7. I receive the following:
> A browser window should open at the following URL:
> https://[team-name]
> If the browser fails to open, please visit the URL above directly in your browser.
  1. A browser does open to a page that says forbidden…

Any idea where to look. It looks like I have something misconfigured… Somewhere. I only have one other client (Win10 machine) that works just fine…

Any ideas appreciated!

What is your device enrollment policy? It shouldn’t contain anything that requires the client already be installed (e.g. it can’t require Warp). Try simplifying it to the base enrollment option necessary.

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I had the enrollment policy set to include my domain email addresses and require a US IP address… I removed the US IP address requirement and got “Success”… I don’t see the machine in a device list or any info in the logs that it was “enrolled”. Cloudflare does not take me to a login page where the user can authenticate…

What is interesting is that after I removed the IP address requirement, I am able to enroll and authenticate as a user on both Andriod and another WIn10 machine… I’m wondering if my issue is something specific to the Linux client…???

Thanks for the help!!!