Cloudflare Teams Users is not 50

Hey guys,

I’m using Cloudflare Access to authenticate my users in some subdomains.

The problem is that in our dashboard, it’s saying that I can use just 10 users, but the Pricing page says that it’s 50.

May someone explain it to me?

You should compare the plan in your Teams Dashboard to the plan(s) you’re looking at on the pricing page.

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In home dashboard, it’s saying that I’m using the free plan and with 10 users.

The pricing page that I’m talking about is it: Cloudflare para Equipes (Teams) | Planos + preços | Cloudflare

I’m so much confuse with it and I didn’t find anything to answer this doubt.

Hi there - Would you mind providing a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Teams Home?


That’s it

Ah, apologies for the confusion here. Accounts are only given 50 seats on the Teams Free plan. All other plans (such as yours, Teams Access) are paid for by the seat.

As for the reference to Teams Free in the card below, that is a bug we will clean up. Thank you for flagging this.

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What? :thinking:

So the free plan has 50 seats and the paid plans need to pay by the seat?

The plan(s) in question have functional differences. So they are priced accordingly.


Thank you for your reply. It makes sense for now!!


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