CloudFlare Teams issue uses farther colocation


I’m having issues with Cloudflare teams WARP using LHR as a colocation, when my location is Bangalore, India and there are nearest colocations available like BLR, BOM etc.

Also, WARP (Free) uses BOM, India as colocation. But, if I login to Cloudflare Teams (WARP+) the colocation is always changed to LHR. Because of this issue, the latency is high and Upload speeds are 20x slow.

Also, if it matters, I am using the Cloudflare Teams Standard Plan.

On a side note, unable to get through [email protected] as well, even on Teams paid plan. Not sure about the reason. Which email should be used instead for Cloudflare Teams Support, as I always get an automated response intended for Free plans.

Support Ticket Number - 2211638

Please help resolving the Cloudflare Teams issue.


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Hi @mk14,

I’ve escalated this issue and your ticket to the support team. I’ve also asked for clarification on the support provided on Teams paid plans, as the pricing page suggests that you should receive ticketed support, at least.



I still have 2 escalations open for this, one about support for Teams paid plans and the other about your routing issue with your ticket attached.

I’m afraid they’re still waiting for a response, but I am keeping an eye on them.


Hi @mk14, I see we have a few issues that have been auto marked as solved, so I will go ahead and change their status to open and direct them properly so we can get some traction on your technical issues.

Can you also make another ticket explicitly about your support accessibility issues and reference that ticket number here? Please tag me in the response as well. Thank you!


Thanks @lindseym!

I raised a ticket explicitly for Teams Support accessibility issue. Ticket ID - 2217946. Both, Email support and Support center are inaccessible.


Hi @mk14

This issue where you see “User is Invalid” in the URL, when trying to view your tickets, usually happens after an email address change. Basically our support system can get out-of-sync for the new email address.

In these cases you need support intervention to fix the account. I went ahead and fixed it for you, please follow up on the ticket if you are still seeing any issue.