Cloudflare Teams - Home setup with Google Nest, not seeing DNS requests

Hi, I’ve setup custom DNS on my home router (Google Nest) and that appears to be set correctly, with all of my home devices pointing to the router as their DNS server.

However I don’t see any DNS traffic when I look at my Teams dashboard, and it’s not filtering websites as I’ve configured in my Gateway Policies.

Am I just missing something simple? I don’t need to run WARP on every device, right? Just setting this in my router should be sufficient as far as I know.



I’m not entirely clear how the Nest router works. Normally, the router runs DHCP that assigns a device an internal IP address, and tells it which name servers to use.

Are you saying you’re telling all your devices to point to something like (whatever the Nest router’s IP address is), and the router has its own configuration of which name servers to use? So it’s sort of acting like a DNS repeater?

And you set the name servers to the special IPv4 and IPv6 addresses they showed you?

Hi @sdayman, thanks for the response.

The device does serve addresses via DHCP, and that includes DNS - the DNS it assigns to clients is the IP of itself (the router). This is pretty standard.

Yep, I set the device DNS to the IP (no ipv6 option) designated in the Cloudflare dashboard and I have confirmed it is set correctly, but no traffic. Just thought there may be something obvious I was missing.

Does your default location have the IP address of your router?

That did it, thank you! Very tricky… it’s not visible or in any way indicated that it needs to be added until you click on edit for your default location. :frowning:

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