Cloudflare teams have been reach Seats utilization this month

All users were expelled from Cloudflare Teams and when trying to log back into WARP with Cloudflare for teams, they have received this type of error, and looking at the Cloudflare Teams panel, with 200 seats, we have used a maximum of 166… and even so none user is able to register with WARP. We added more seats, and even so the problem persists.

We’ve already tried to buy 300 more seats to make sure it works, and to no avail. All users cannot log into WARP with Cloudflare Teams.

Can you please open a ticket? You might even have chat access at that level.

If you do open a ticket (via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com) from the account owner’s (Super Admin) email address, please post the ticket # here.

I will do this, thank you very much @sdayman

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