Cloudflare Teams Dashboard still Inconsistent/Unusable

I am still struggling with the dashboard. Latest issue:
Impossible to create a Enrolment rule for Warp - If you navigate to Settings > Device enrolment Permissions and create a new role and hit save, it says it has been saved, however doesn’t show in the list. Hitting save on the main page just comes up with do you want to save a blank ruleset or create a rule.

Not possible to assign out permissions for logging in at the moment. The entire interface is pretty buggy and poor, always have inconsistencies. Tried multiple browsers and all of the usual stuff, still cant get anything to save!

Any help appreciated

I have the same issue :frowning: I went ahead and removed my previous enrolment permissions and now can’t add more. Hopefully this can be fixed soon!

OK so it’s fixed for me. I don’t think its related, but I disconnected the warp client on my machine I was doing the edits from and it worked. But suspect that was just a coincidence. Perhaps try again?

Wasn’t connected anyway, thats the bit I was setting up, im not connected to WARP at all, just straight out internet connection, cant connect until I get the rule setup as it says im not authorised

did just try again and it worked, must of been a glitch at Cloudflare!

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