Cloudflare Teams and RDP. How do you handle many machines?

I just set up my first Teams RDP connection (which was a bit of a pain in the ■■■, some links in the documentation are stale, and the command to list the tunnels was clearly wrong)

What is the best practice for setting up multiple machines? Is my cert.pem and password json allowed to be used on multiple machines?

Do you use one dns entry and then append the machine name to the application url? Or do you have a dns entry for each machine individually?

Do i have to create a brand new tunnel for every host, or can they be shared somehow? If so, when connecting to RDP how does it know which machine to tunnel to?

Sorry for that, I’ve let the team know. Can you share a link to the doc you were following?

This link was stale:

You can now configure the Tunnel to serve traffic

And the command for listing tunnels should have been cloudflared.exe tunnel list