Cloudflare Teams (Access) sessions expire


We have succesfully setup Cloudflare Teams on one of our intranet websites. We have now however ran into problems with sessions expiring more often than they should.

If the browser is left open on any page from 30 minutes to 1 hour the sessions expires and all ajax queries stop working. The ajax queries return 401 from Cloudflare. If the page is refreshed completely they work again normally for the next same approximate length period. The maximum session duration is set to 1 month and has no effect on this. Even if the page keeps making get/post ajax queries on a set interval it does not keep the session from expiring.

How could this me mitigated or is there something we are missing?


Further info: The problem seems to be the CF_Authorization Cookie. It is actually expiring after only 15 minutes.

Did you review this setting?

Cloudflare for Teams dashboard → Settings → Authentication → Global session timeout