Cloudflare team domain migration

If anyone remember I had old account that I deleted and created a new one

On my old account there was a teams account too and it had my brand name as a team domain so when I deleted the account I can’t use that same name in my new account again. Also when visiting old teams domain name it seems to be working even if i had deleted my account.

So if by any chance it would be great if I could use the old name in my new account.

Hi @cloudcreatr,

You would have to contact support and see if this is possible. I’m not sure whether it will be, but we can’t help here on the community.

@domjh I am on a free plan, it would be great if anyone from community could just forward like last time

Last time your issue was related to your community account though, as fantastic as the Community Team are I don’t think they will be able to make changes to your Teams account config.

I have asked if it’s even possible to get the old Teams domain back.

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