Cloudflare tcp access issue

To open the cloudflare access tcp, does below constraint still need?
I blocked the both 80 and 443, my service is still working.
cloudflared access tcp --hostname --url localhost:9210
Common issues

  • Ensure that the machine’s firewall permits egress on ports 80 and 443, otherwise cloudflared will return an error.

It is referring specifically to egress. Most firewalls are built on ingress policies.

You can block all incoming ports and cloudflared will still work.

Thanks for your quick reply.
In general port 80 is not in security. The 443 port is enable. Why we need to open 80?
And do these two ports refer to the ports on the machine running cloudflare tcp access?

Cloudflared is used in 2 different capacities. The scenario you’re describing is the client making a connection to Cloudflare’s edge. That happens on port 443.

Blocked where?

On the server / tunnel side this describes the ports required and purpose: