Cloudflare taking too much time to load the site in Australia

Why is Cloudflare’s site taking 12sec to load in Australia and taking 5sec to load in the UK?

You literally mean

I mean some of the sites we have in there…Like is taking 12sec to load in Australia but take lesser time in the UK.

First, what does say when you open it from the Australian connection?

Second, can you load the site while the developers tools are open on the network tab and share a screenshot of the waterfall here?

Third, I notice at least three images on your site which are larger than one megabyte.

It takes little time in Italy. It loads an 8.8 MB page in ~1.2/~2.2 seconds. I think that’s fast, half that on second load with cached resources.

Now it obviously depends on where the origin servers are, how much of it is cached on the closest node, how fast is your connection.

The page can be improved a lot size wise (as @sandro mentioned there are 3 images totaling almost 4 MB!).

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If you are testing from a network provided by Telstra then you will probably never hit a local POP in Australia. I’m 10ms away from Brisbane but I nearly always get colo=LAX (190ms) for an origin server in Sydney with a 1MB page load time of 3 secs (from Telstra cable.) However if I log in to GTMetrix and set the server region to Sydney I will often (not always) get a sub 1 sec page load speed. I’ve asked CF directly and they say that’s just the way it is and will likely remain even if on a paid Pro or Business plan.

In your 12 sec page load case, go to GTMetrix, load up your page and check the image suggestions to optimize your images. Just download the optimized linked images and replace the current ones with the optimized ones and your Cloudflare 5 sec page load time will drop to near 1 sec, or even under if you do the same for all images.


Tried original poster’s site and i connect to Cloudflare Brisbane (BNE) POP file using Brisbane Telstra residental cable service


@matt I’d check out as they have alot of geographic test locations and allow you to test real mobile devices and different browser clients and connection speeds. Very handy to figure out page speed but you’d want to reduce page size below 800-1000KB for any resemblance of decent page speed.

I wrote a guide for my users which maybe useful to you as well


Hello Sandro

i got below results from Australia…

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_13_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36

Well, you do go via the Australian PoP, so connectivity wise it should be all right. Have you already optimised your images?

You should definitely shrink the size of your images, 4 of them are JPEG files with over/near 1 MB.

But also, there are connections to third-party providers that will not benefit from Cloudflare, and these providers may respond faster in UK than AU. If you open on Dev Tools > Network and sort the results by time, you should see if you have connections other than to your website that may be taking longer to load.

Yes i’ve optimized the images but still 9sec to load

The images seem to be the slowest when testing on Pingdom Tools & keycdn and while they’re resized, compressing a couple on shows 70%+ savings and should shave several seconds off.

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