Cloudflare taking long time on API response

Hello. I am working on an API and I was testing it, but the response time of it was taking too long, so i decided to analyze

The API is running on an european server, proxied throught Cloudflare DNS. I live in Brazil (South America) and the response time was about 80ms. I asked for a european friend and, for him, it took about 200ms.
P.S.: The times correspond to the transfer time, without taking count the DNS lookup, SSL Handshake, Socket initialization, etc

I tried to disable the Cloudflare proxy, and tried again. On my end, it now took only 230ms, and for my friend, it took 90ms.

With this, I’m guessing the Cloudflare proxy is consuming a lot of the time. Can anyone tell me why that happen? Or what can i do to improve this?

Correction: I wrote that, at the first time, it took me 80ms, but it’s actually 800ms. My bad!

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