Cloudflare takes payment of a domain which i dont manage ?!



There is a domain which i was the owner, then i sold it. Cloudflare took about 40$ (for 2 months) which i dont manage it and it is not on my control panel.

This is a big bug for Cloudflare…

Invoices :

Audit Log :

01.2018 Invoice !

02.2018 Invoice !

It continues until today. Today Cloudlfare took 50$ from my account. I will decline it. This is not fare.

I want the payments back is this possible ?


I would recommend opening a support ticket either through the support interface, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.



I could not find the page of send support ticket. Cloudflare programmers hide it somewhere :smiley: Can you send me the link please.


This is almost everywhere.

But here you go :slight_smile:

You need to login again on the top right corner



This is a screenshot of support page. When i dont log-in. And check it out.

When i log in, where is ask a question, open ticket link?

Thanks for your support


Click on your name in the top right corner
Select “My activities & requests”


This link might get you there faster: