Cloudflare taiwan cdn's question

Hi. I want to ask about how to let Taiwan users brows my website can use TPE not SJC. was it need purchase?
sorry for my poor English

You should buy Cloudflare argo if you want to optimize the route from which your website is delivered.

Today this (usage of the the TPE PoP) requires a customer be on at least the business plan. This may change in the future, but for the moment there are a small number of PoPs where usage is limited to the higher tier plans.

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Sorry to clarify. In this POP it may not be all providers/routes just a subset which aren’t available on the free/pro plans and there may be some biz/pro plans that route to other POPs as well just because of BGP and other routing algorithms in play at the network level… So upgrading alone doesn’t guarantee that a user in a specific geography will always use the physically closest POP.

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