Cloudflare System Status

cloudflarestatus shows All Systems Operational but API status “status”:{“indicator”:“minor”,“description”:“Minor Service Outage”}

Which is correct ? )


Both are actually.

If you were having a DNS or firewall issue & thought it may be us not you and checked the status, it’s letting you know that overall the systems are operational. So what you are seeing with DNS or firewall was not a cf service issue. But, if you were having API issues The status page is letting you know that overall the service is operational, but there are particular API issues affecting a subset of people.

I can’t reply in my topic Cloudflare System Status - #2 by cloonan

@aleksandr.chilikin no, it it still open

I have no reply button in my topic :pensive:

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Weird. Have you tried incognito mode, other browsers or even tried it on another device (ie. phone)?

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It was a permissions issue, fixed by @cloonan moving the topic :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the fix.

So. I’m using zabbix for monitoring cf status. Status page shows All systems operational, but status page api shows service outage…im getting alerts

Yesterday was performance issue

But web interface didn’t change status…“All Systems Operational”…Pls check your statuspage