Cloudflare swagger API link no longer works?

I downloaded a swagger/openapi spec for the cloudflare API a few months ago for use with postman. Now that link no longer works.

The doc: Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

The stable base URL for all Version 4 HTTPS endpoints is:

which now returns:


* "success": false,
* ["errors"]( [
  1. {
    * "code": 7000,
    * "message": "No route for that URI"}],
* "messages": [],
* "result": null


Is this broken or is there a new URL for the API download?

That’s still the correct API for most operations. Analytics now uses GraphQL.

I’m not looking for a base URL for using the API, I want to download the entire API as a swagger/openapi spec.
I’ve done this before but now that URL reports an error rather than responding with the API doc json.

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Ah, I see. I’ve never tried that. Maybe another @MVP has managed this.