Cloudflare swag


Does anyone know if Cloudflare has a store? I want to throw my money at them and get a few shirts and maybe a hoodie. Cloudflare is an amazing company and I’m glad they strive in keeping everyone safe online especially when it comes to DDoS attacks. from time to time I like reading through the blogs and they go into full-on details about how other companies experience massive attacks and they make it seem so fun to mitigate the attacks and bringing the company back online. I also love it when Cloudflare had an issue with the cloud bleed incident They discussed it and was extremely transparent about the incident. They do amazing work and I would like rep them by buying a few shirts and a hoodie if possible!





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It was just tagging him :slight_smile:

AFAIK Cloudflare does not sell anything of that sort, but they do have such merchandise (I believe they hand it out at conferences and the like).