Cloudflare Suspended Account and DNS is also down

Hey Team, I just figured our account is suspended for not submitting verification requested via stripe link in time and now we are facing a major issue where since our domain is from Cloudflare pages we can change the nameservers and now DNS is not resolving and we have a launch coming up tomorrow

Is there a way to get the DNS to resolve, Email says services should be unaffected but unfortunately that isn’t true for us services are down DNS entries aren’t resolving and recieveing a response from support and fixing might be delayed anyway to solve it anyone came across it any leads whom can be reached

Who did you receive the emails from?

If it’s abusereply then unfortunately it’s not something that the community or support can help with as that’s with Trust & Safety.

If it’s support then post the ticket number here.


This seems to be ticket ID I get from email subject

Which email address did you get that from though?

[email protected]

Is that where you got the 10717551 ticket ID from or is that where the initial Stripe notice came from?

Have you had any further correspondence?

I did had further conversation but failed to reply to links in time so thats where I really need help now either get new link or unsuspend account at priority so dns can be up

When did the last communication with T&S occur?

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A day ago but considering the launch was expected to be 10 hours from now I am now concerned and no idea where to reach

They will most likely get back to you shortly; if they do not get back to you in the next few days, let us know, and we will try to bring attention to the case; however, the T&S team runs separately from any other department, the community doesn’t have many insights nor input on their actions.

Just as a heads up for any future case, T&S teams on any company are very rigorous; if they don’t hear back from you, they won’t hesitate to terminate the service(s) and make the resolution process longer.
It’s unfortunate that your release is delayed, but we can only wait at this point.

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